Oh so lucky!

To be honest I have been a bit down in the doldrums with having to delay the TTC plans. But today I realised just how very lucky I am. Mama to an adorable 2yo and wife to an equally adorable (with many fewer tantrums) wife. I really am so very lucky. And it all occurred to me in the strangest of places – whilst watching Mr Magoo roar with the lions at the Zoo. His very manly 2yo roar is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. We had a great Mama and Mr M bike ride to get to the Zoo, fulfilling all requirements of seeing trams, trains and diggers. Lugging his 16kg up the hills on the back of my bike is a mean feat but he is very helpful – pushing my butt saying “go mama, go!”. There was a price to pay though – he did pull down my trousers low enough at one point to expose my builder’s butt to all and sundry. All to rapturous and somewhat mischievous giggles!

What’s more, I finally went for that run. A perfect crisp Autumn day, and not a bad view either.

Unfortunately you can’t hear the bell birds whistling. I had forgotten how much I loved running along this track. (Love may be too strong a word, but I am going with it for the moment!)

And here are a few other photo updates from what ended up being a perfect Easter weekend.

We bought Miss Gin some Easter flowers from the market. Mr Magoo chose them himself.

Easter morning and after squeals of joy at what the Easter bunny had hidden in the garden Mr M took more delight at the unwrapping than the eating! Easy to see he has none of my genes! Needless to say, his Mums have well and truly taken care of all the naked chocolates…


And to make up for said chocolate consumption, many meals of legumes were feasted upon. Above is the tasty Chick Pea bake loosely based on a dish from a local favourite – The Moroccan Soup Bar. Although they use loads more butter and give it a much fancier name.

I would have put in a photo of my infamous lentil bolognese – but although a taste sensation it is not so photogenic and has more than once been confused with something the cat may have eaten the night before.

Thus ends the holiday weekend.


I should be running

Today marks the start of my “daily run for conception”. A good mate of mine spent ages TTC, took up running and bingo,  a baby. So, seeing it worked for her, I have adopted it as my new approach to the TTC treading water time. I was going to start a few days ago, but, with one thing and another, I still haven’t started. And now it’s late, and I NEED to blog, and it’s dark outside, and the the dog is already asleep…..and do I need any more excuses?? Promise I’ll go tomorrow. First thing.

In the meantime, any other suggestions on how I can maximise my TTC chances (and distract myself from the boredom of waiting?). And please don’t mention kicking the coffee habit or cutting back on chocolate  – I have just eaten Mr Magoo’s chocolate bunny… I am truly a lost cause.

Oh what a month!

How quickly a month flies by! So what’s happened??

  • Mr Magoo turned 2 – and declared ” no more kisses mummy, big boy now”. Fortunately cuddles are still ok.
  • I turned, eek, 37. Looks mighty scary when written down…….just keep getting closer to menopause and further from menarche.
  • We have made way too many novelty birthday cakes – pink fluffy poodle for me (no marshmallows were injured in the making of the cake), and a big blue airplane for Mr Magoo, as per request.
  • Had a visit from Mr Muscles (our known donor) and his lovely BF Mr Copacobana. Both wanting to know when we were going to TTC again. August still seems such a long way away! But its great to know that he is still keen. We had been using a combination of clinic IUI and dodgy hotel self insemination, whatever seemed to be easier that particular month. He seems happy to continue to play it by ear and continues to approach the whole uncomfortable process with a humourous air. Favourite quote – ” don’t worry, it’s not an imposition, it’s just like spitting”. Hmmm.
  • Have been completely festivaled out – there’s been the Food and Wine Festival, the Queer Film Festival, Fashion Week and now the Comedy Festival. Not to mention I’ve seen two fabulous contemporary dance productions. No wonder there has been no time to blog.
  • And all of a sudden it’s Easter. Autumn is here and with it comes crisp mornings, hot air balloons in the sky and new season’s apples! The markets are still in force – it’s great to see the change in seasons through the changing produce.

Happy Easter to you all. And good luck to all of you TTC out there. Hope to join you again sometime soon.

Bring on August

Never before have I wanted the year to pass so quickly but have found out today that the TTC process needs to put off until August. That’s 5 months, almost half a year away, and well over a year from when we originally planned to get me pregnant. And to make matters worse, I turn 37 tomorrow and despite my best attempts at ignoring this, people insist on reminding me! Would you please keep your voices down, my ovaries might hear!!!

So, what to do? Well, current plans include putting my head down and concentrating on work. Boring huh? At least I might get a chance to get that long list of things done and achieve something this year.

On a more positive note, we all trooped off to our state gallery to see an exhibition of almost real life sculptures. So real life it was sometimes eerie. Mr Magoo was not at fussed by the gigantic baby -just very concerned that the baby had an “owie” on its knee that needed to be kissed better. Fortunately he managed to remember the “no pat baby” rule we had discussed previously….

The big baby

We love this gallery, not only for the free cups of tea we get as members, but there are always great exhibitions and fantastic themed “after dark” nights where we can run around in black skivvies, sipping on wine, randomly throwing the word juxtaposition into our sentences. Just like all the other Art Students.

Our favourite part of the gallery is the Great Hall – an enormous Hall with the most exquisite stained glass ceiling. Mr Magoo has loved it since he was a wee babe and we never go to the Gallery without spending a few minutes lying on the floor, looking at the ceiling. It is also a space where kids can kick off their shoes and run around without stirring up the gallery attendants. Great for those too hot or too wet days. Gotta love this City.

Getting ready for a run around the Great Hall

And just the other side of the Great Hall is what we refer to as the Great Urinal

The Great Urinal

Its a big water wall and again provides endless entertainment on a hot day!

Cate and Dorothy

Cate Blanchett reading Dorothy Porter. My wife and I only 2 rows from the front. Is there any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?


Truly enchanting. Both such gracious and talented women. We are so fortunate to have been there.

Okay, okay, it was last Sunday, but it has been a busy week…..more later.


…is just what the market was like this morning with everyone scuttering about like little ants keen to get the chores done before the rain. Today’s market was held at the Children’s Farm – so a Farmer’s Market at a farm! Complete with carrot-top eating goats. And the shiniest purplest eggplants I have ever seen. I am such a sucker for a good looking vegetable.

But why all the pregnant women? Since when did THAT become a prerequisite?? I felt very bumpless. Speaking of which, on the TTC front, looks like things will have to be put on hold for the next few months or so for a variety of reasons completely out of my control. I am trying to see the positives (who wants a Christmas baby anyway) and use the time to get that acupuncture, fix that diet (typed one handedly whilst eating another piece of banana cake) and get fit. Just hope my ovaries don’t think I have given up on them yet.

Blinked and I missed it…

Whatever happened to January?? And now February?? So much for this New Year’s Resolution! Things can only get better…

I will get around to summarising our TTC journey thus far – but essentially Miss Gin is super fertile, having conceived via home (well, slightly dodgy hotel) insemination with a known donor. It took only two tries, with the first one really just a mistimed but lets have a great weekend away trial run. Second time the timing was better. Much better. And many months later out popped Mr Magoo. Hip hip hooray!

As per original “5 year plan” devised way back in 2003, I followed suit with TTC about 1 year later. It’s been pretty tumultuous thus far – starting with, again, dodgy hotel insemination with the same KD, followed by me having a feeling of something just not right in my nether regions, an ultrasound showing a bothersome fibroid, and hysteroscopy, resection of the fibroid, laparoscopy and removal of some endometriosis. So, feeling as clean as a whistle, back on the TTC train again! After a couple more visits to said dodgy hotel and more BFNs we decided to proceed down the IUI pathway (same KD, as we had frozen his sperm way back when we assumed Miss Gin would be infertile). And then a BFP, well, a big faint positive and a very low BHCG (21….can you believe it? I was at least hoping for triple figures!) But a pregnancy, none the less. So everyone says, although for some reason I am still not so convinced.

And here we are! Staring down the barrel once again…….more on that later.

But now for a photo or two…..one of the best things about living in this city is the fabulous Farmers markets that are on each weekend. I am a complete groupie and drag Mr Magoo there most weeks whilst Miss Gin has a well deserved sleep in. And this is what we found last time:

A bucket of basil

Which we made into:

Dairy free pesto

Yum! And then there was the rhubarb, watercress, coriander, strawberries, raspberries…and the caneles (my main motivation for going) little pieces of mouthwatering French heaven!