Me:  30 something, lesbian, non-bio Mum. Fertility-challenged, frustrated yet trying to stay positive. Hope the Karma gods are listening…

Miss Gin: my non-legally recognised wife. Wants to experience life on the other side of the tummy mummy fence.

Mr Magoo: our nearly 2yo son. Fearless, funny and full of beans. And totally addicted to rhubarb.

Boo: the patient pooch

Stealth: the feline

The setting: The lesbian homelands of sunny Australia. Where Birkenstocks abound and the gentle humm of Subarus form the perfect backdrop to the sizzle of another tofu steak on the barbie.

The plot: A simple story of 3 becoming 4 (or more…). Sometimes rom-com, sometimes drama, but hopefully never a tragedy.


One response to “About

  1. Feel free to add me to your roll! I look forward to reading your journey an seeing you welcome a new baby to your family very soon.

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