News just in

Finally mustered myself to have my beta checked and the result just in is 1464. So I guess I’m pregnant!!

Still no bleeding and my norks are growing at an alarming rate. And somewhat lopsidedly, I must add. If they keep on doing this I’ll be walking around in circles!

Scan next week, booking into Obstetrician and hospital. Gee it must be real.

And some day soon I’ll post a retrospective on the crazy symptoms of my TWW.


2 responses to “News just in

  1. That’s great news! Congratulations. Can’t wait for the retrospective tww post! That is a great number– you are 21 DPO? Looks like you have a winner! Fingers crossed for an uneventful pregnancy!

  2. So happy to hear the wonderful news!!! Congrats on the oh so wonderful end of the TWW!!!

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