Swim, little ones, swim

Well, the fertility gods accepted my credit card….and even better than that, told me I was actually in credit! Enough to cover the cost of this cycle and a bit. Not quite sure how this happened but won’t be questioning it too much. The very sweet woman in accounts even offered to send me a cheque with the difference – gotta love her positivity. If only it were so easy……..

On Saturday night we went along to the local Winter solstice bonfire celebration. Us and three thousand of our closest friends, that is. The bonfire was as huge as the queues and I only mistook Mr Magoo for someone else’s child once. Quite incredible considering the hundreds of them running around in the dark. So I shook my ovaries at the bonfire, breathed in some pagan fertility goodness, topped it off with a bag of popcorn and then rushed back to the car to let a rather mulled wine affected Ms Gin give me my trigger injection.

The winter solstice bonfire...and all our friends

The IUI was yesterday and was a rather pleasant experience overall. My usual doc was away, but the fill in was fabulous. She even had mood lighting. Some Barry White and a red rose and who knows what could have happened. And I am sure that the scientist goes to our book club – nice to keep it all in the family.

So here I sit with 16 million + sperm on a great race around my innards. Surely one of them should be able to find the egg?? Fortunately I am crazy busy over the next few weeks so hopefully the TWW will fly by. I’m trying to relax, meditate, chomp on the folate and resist the urge to crack open another bottle of red.

In other news, we recently jetted off to Sydney as I had a conference to go to and insisted on taking the whole family. Our KD, Mr Muscles,  lives up there and it is always a laugh to catch up with him and see what his latest exploits are. He is always quite chuffed to see Mr Magoo and it’s great to see the two interact. Despite seeing him only  a few times a year, Mr Magoo seems to have a real affinity for him. And Mr Muscles is secretly chuffed to see him. He also told us we were super mums (how easily a man can be impressed with impromptu swift changing of a dirty diaper). It’s nice to know he thinks we’re doing a good job with his genes. Speaking of gene, we also noticed Mr Magoo has several of Mr Muscle’s mannerisms and postures. Freaky. Isn’t it funny what genes can do?


2 responses to “Swim, little ones, swim

  1. So interesting & cool that you are in contact with your KD. Does Mr. Magoo know of the biological relationship? Do you plan to share with him? I ask bcs I have dear friends in a similar sitaution, only their KD is a few minutes away, and they see him quite a lot. They signed a contract saying that they wouldn’t disclose until their kid turns 18 (approximately 17 years and 11 months from now), but they left open the possibility of early disclosure if they felt it necessary. I am just wondering how others navigate the situation.
    Swim, swim, swim spermies– swim! Now taht your end of the world is growing lighter, no time is better to begin a wonderful new life!

  2. I just found your blog. Good luck with this TWW!

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