Shameless self tagging!

Have just been perusing blog land and found an open invitation to be tagged. So I’m it! Keeping to one word is quite a challenge but here ‘ goes.

Hair: tousled

Your Mother: talkative

Your Father: knowing

Fav Food: crunchy

Dream Last Night: hmmmm

Fav Drink: sparkling

What room are you in?: loungeroom

Hobby: procrastination

Fear: failure

Where were you last night?: Pub

Something that you aren’t: pregnant

Muffins: please

Wish List Item: holiday

Where you grew up: Adelaide

What you are wearing: comfy

Your Pet: snoring

Friends: many

Something you’re not wearing: suspenders

Fav Store: Obüs

Fav Color: chartreuse

Last time you laughed: tonight

Your Best Friend: meditates

Best Place you go over and over: gallery

Person who you email regularly: secretary

Fav Place to Eat: Maha

So thanks to Bionic Mamas for the open invitation. May I extend it to anyone out there!


2 responses to “Shameless self tagging!

  1. yay! thanks for taking up the invitation.

    tousled hair is some of the best hair there is, imho.

  2. glad you commented! We are totally doing the “live” / IUI KD dance, its both crazy and less stressful, I guess. We are off to CA next week for a ‘live’ round 🙂 I am sorry about the wait until Aug, boo!

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