Date night

Miss Gin and I went on a wonderful date last night. I picked her up after work and we headed straight off to our favourite pub – a dimly lit, wobbly floorboards, sticky carpet, indie music, tattooed bar mistresses kind of place. A few cleansing ales and cheap and simple pub food later it felt as if we were back in our courting days. Oh for those courting days. Days of carefree comings and goings, waking with the birds, morning, afternoon and evening romps…

When we were pregnant with Mr Magoo a wise friend told me to make sure we looked after ourselves and nurture our relationship after he arrived. Sure, sure, sure, no worries, of course, thought I. Enter Mr Magoo, and slowly, well quickly, there was a completely different focus and distraction to our relationship. An energy zapper, a sleep stealer, a libido lancer, and all whilst being incredibly adorable, cute and a bit mischievous! We let ourselves slip a bit. It happens all too easily, while your back is turned as you change yet another nappy and whilst your eyes are just little slits due to lack of sleep. Suddenly the connection you once had is frayed. It is only now that we seem to be getting “us” back. To all of you TTC or happily gestating out there, take my friend’s advice – your family is all too special not to.

Last night was really “wow”. I had forgotten just how much fun the two of us can have. I love Mr Magoo dearly, but without Miss Gin he wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t be the family we are. So, from this day forth, date-night is going to be a regular, booked in event. Nothing too fancy, just a slow tour around all of our favourite pubs – and in this part of Melbourne there are plenty to keep us going. And most of them have tattooed bar mistresses!!!


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