Oh so lucky!

To be honest I have been a bit down in the doldrums with having to delay the TTC plans. But today I realised just how very lucky I am. Mama to an adorable 2yo and wife to an equally adorable (with many fewer tantrums) wife. I really am so very lucky. And it all occurred to me in the strangest of places – whilst watching Mr Magoo roar with the lions at the Zoo. His very manly 2yo roar is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. We had a great Mama and Mr M bike ride to get to the Zoo, fulfilling all requirements of seeing trams, trains and diggers. Lugging his 16kg up the hills on the back of my bike is a mean feat but he is very helpful – pushing my butt saying “go mama, go!”. There was a price to pay though – he did pull down my trousers low enough at one point to expose my builder’s butt to all and sundry. All to rapturous and somewhat mischievous giggles!

What’s more, I finally went for that run. A perfect crisp Autumn day, and not a bad view either.

Unfortunately you can’t hear the bell birds whistling. I had forgotten how much I loved running along this track. (Love may be too strong a word, but I am going with it for the moment!)

And here are a few other photo updates from what ended up being a perfect Easter weekend.

We bought Miss Gin some Easter flowers from the market. Mr Magoo chose them himself.

Easter morning and after squeals of joy at what the Easter bunny had hidden in the garden Mr M took more delight at the unwrapping than the eating! Easy to see he has none of my genes! Needless to say, his Mums have well and truly taken care of all the naked chocolates…


And to make up for said chocolate consumption, many meals of legumes were feasted upon. Above is the tasty Chick Pea bake loosely based on a dish from a local favourite – The Moroccan Soup Bar. Although they use loads more butter and give it a much fancier name.

I would have put in a photo of my infamous lentil bolognese – but although a taste sensation it is not so photogenic and has more than once been confused with something the cat may have eaten the night before.

Thus ends the holiday weekend.


One response to “Oh so lucky!

  1. What a fabulous holiday weekend! I love all the photos. So glad to have found your blog. Can’t wait to read all about your second TTC journey.

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