I should be running

Today marks the start of my “daily run for conception”. A good mate of mine spent ages TTC, took up running and bingo,  a baby. So, seeing it worked for her, I have adopted it as my new approach to the TTC treading water time. I was going to start a few days ago, but, with one thing and another, I still haven’t started. And now it’s late, and I NEED to blog, and it’s dark outside, and the the dog is already asleep…..and do I need any more excuses?? Promise I’ll go tomorrow. First thing.

In the meantime, any other suggestions on how I can maximise my TTC chances (and distract myself from the boredom of waiting?). And please don’t mention kicking the coffee habit or cutting back on chocolate  – I have just eaten Mr Magoo’s chocolate bunny… I am truly a lost cause.


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