Oh what a month!

How quickly a month flies by! So what’s happened??

  • Mr Magoo turned 2 – and declared ” no more kisses mummy, big boy now”. Fortunately cuddles are still ok.
  • I turned, eek, 37. Looks mighty scary when written down…….just keep getting closer to menopause and further from menarche.
  • We have made way too many novelty birthday cakes – pink fluffy poodle for me (no marshmallows were injured in the making of the cake), and a big blue airplane for Mr Magoo, as per request.
  • Had a visit from Mr Muscles (our known donor) and his lovely BF Mr Copacobana. Both wanting to know when we were going to TTC again. August still seems such a long way away! But its great to know that he is still keen. We had been using a combination of clinic IUI and dodgy hotel self insemination, whatever seemed to be easier that particular month. He seems happy to continue to play it by ear and continues to approach the whole uncomfortable process with a humourous air. Favourite quote – ” don’t worry, it’s not an imposition, it’s just like spitting”. Hmmm.
  • Have been completely festivaled out – there’s been the Food and Wine Festival, the Queer Film Festival, Fashion Week and now the Comedy Festival. Not to mention I’ve seen two fabulous contemporary dance productions. No wonder there has been no time to blog.
  • And all of a sudden it’s Easter. Autumn is here and with it comes crisp mornings, hot air balloons in the sky and new season’s apples! The markets are still in force – it’s great to see the change in seasons through the changing produce.

Happy Easter to you all. And good luck to all of you TTC out there. Hope to join you again sometime soon.


One response to “Oh what a month!

  1. Wow you KD sounds great! Makes me a little crazy that we pay $640 (plus 170 for shipping) for “spitting”.

    As you slide into Autumn, green things are awakening here… I just signed up for my CSA share and am looking forward to boxes and boxes of veggies and fruit 🙂 It’ll be August before you know it!
    Festival seaon sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for your optimism. I will post results when they come in….

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