Bring on August

Never before have I wanted the year to pass so quickly but have found out today that the TTC process needs to put off until August. That’s 5 months, almost half a year away, and well over a year from when we originally planned to get me pregnant. And to make matters worse, I turn 37 tomorrow and despite my best attempts at ignoring this, people insist on reminding me! Would you please keep your voices down, my ovaries might hear!!!

So, what to do? Well, current plans include putting my head down and concentrating on work. Boring huh? At least I might get a chance to get that long list of things done and achieve something this year.

On a more positive note, we all trooped off to our state gallery to see an exhibition of almost real life sculptures. So real life it was sometimes eerie. Mr Magoo was not at fussed by the gigantic baby -just very concerned that the baby had an “owie” on its knee that needed to be kissed better. Fortunately he managed to remember the “no pat baby” rule we had discussed previously….

The big baby

We love this gallery, not only for the free cups of tea we get as members, but there are always great exhibitions and fantastic themed “after dark” nights where we can run around in black skivvies, sipping on wine, randomly throwing the word juxtaposition into our sentences. Just like all the other Art Students.

Our favourite part of the gallery is the Great Hall – an enormous Hall with the most exquisite stained glass ceiling. Mr Magoo has loved it since he was a wee babe and we never go to the Gallery without spending a few minutes lying on the floor, looking at the ceiling. It is also a space where kids can kick off their shoes and run around without stirring up the gallery attendants. Great for those too hot or too wet days. Gotta love this City.

Getting ready for a run around the Great Hall

And just the other side of the Great Hall is what we refer to as the Great Urinal

The Great Urinal

Its a big water wall and again provides endless entertainment on a hot day!


One response to “Bring on August

  1. Oh noooo! I am so sorry to hear you have to wait until August. I went to see the Mueck exhibit in Bkln. I loved the couple in bed especially.
    I had to put off my first ttc for various reasons from Aug to December. It stank, but it will go quickly.

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