…is just what the market was like this morning with everyone scuttering about like little ants keen to get the chores done before the rain. Today’s market was held at the Children’s Farm – so a Farmer’s Market at a farm! Complete with carrot-top eating goats. And the shiniest purplest eggplants I have ever seen. I am such a sucker for a good looking vegetable.

But why all the pregnant women? Since when did THAT become a prerequisite?? I felt very bumpless. Speaking of which, on the TTC front, looks like things will have to be put on hold for the next few months or so for a variety of reasons completely out of my control. I am trying to see the positives (who wants a Christmas baby anyway) and use the time to get that acupuncture, fix that diet (typed one handedly whilst eating another piece of banana cake) and get fit. Just hope my ovaries don’t think I have given up on them yet.


4 responses to “Electrifying

  1. I am sorry you have to take a break for a few cycles. IT stinks to have to take time off just when you’re getting going.

    But you’ve inspired me to go check out the winter offerings at my farmer’s market. I have no idea what I’ll find beyond baked goods and cider, but I miss that electrification anyway. What are you making with your eggplant?

    • Yeah, taking a break from TTC is almost as hard as TTC itself! Am counting down the months and am hoping to get started around June again – which is really not that far away considering it is nearly March already!

      And the eggplant was almost too beautiful to cook but I managed to use it in a pasta dish:
      Thinly sliced Spanish (red) onions, cubed eggplant, whole cherry tomatoes, dried oregano (this time I used the fresh basil, mixed it in just at the end) all mixed together with a generous slug of olive oil and baked in the oven (I use a big cast iron pot) until the tomatoes are about bursting and the eggplant very soft. Meanwhile, boil up a big pot of pasta of your choice (big pieces that catch the sauce work best) – when cooked stir in some fresh ricotta and baby spinach leaves then add all the baked goodies, salt and pepper and a little more fresh basil (or oregano). Delish!

  2. Just found you by way of Schroedinger. We’re another family who switched uteri for the second kid (I went second). Sorry to read you’ve been having a rough go of it. My wife was also one who got pregnant on the second go — it’s not an easy act to follow!

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