Blinked and I missed it…

Whatever happened to January?? And now February?? So much for this New Year’s Resolution! Things can only get better…

I will get around to summarising our TTC journey thus far – but essentially Miss Gin is super fertile, having conceived via home (well, slightly dodgy hotel) insemination with a known donor. It took only two tries, with the first one really just a mistimed but lets have a great weekend away trial run. Second time the timing was better. Much better. And many months later out popped Mr Magoo. Hip hip hooray!

As per original “5 year plan” devised way back in 2003, I followed suit with TTC about 1 year later. It’s been pretty tumultuous thus far – starting with, again, dodgy hotel insemination with the same KD, followed by me having a feeling of something just not right in my nether regions, an ultrasound showing a bothersome fibroid, and hysteroscopy, resection of the fibroid, laparoscopy and removal of some endometriosis. So, feeling as clean as a whistle, back on the TTC train again! After a couple more visits to said dodgy hotel and more BFNs we decided to proceed down the IUI pathway (same KD, as we had frozen his sperm way back when we assumed Miss Gin would be infertile). And then a BFP, well, a big faint positive and a very low BHCG (21….can you believe it? I was at least hoping for triple figures!) But a pregnancy, none the less. So everyone says, although for some reason I am still not so convinced.

And here we are! Staring down the barrel once again…….more on that later.

But now for a photo or two… of the best things about living in this city is the fabulous Farmers markets that are on each weekend. I am a complete groupie and drag Mr Magoo there most weeks whilst Miss Gin has a well deserved sleep in. And this is what we found last time:

A bucket of basil

Which we made into:

Dairy free pesto

Yum! And then there was the rhubarb, watercress, coriander, strawberries, raspberries…and the caneles (my main motivation for going) little pieces of mouthwatering French heaven!


3 responses to “Blinked and I missed it…

  1. Thanks for your comment! I will be following your journey now. Good luck on this crazy trip!

  2. Wow, and I am so jealous of your farmers markets. Ours are shuttered until spring (well, there is one year-round one, but its is some very slim pickings.)

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